Laurie FoleyI’m Laurie Foley, and I’m glad you’re here.

If you decide to pursue working with a coach, you need to feel confident that you have the right companion as you establish and move toward your goals. Trust and a sense of connection can accelerate your progress. Here is part of my personal story for you to learn about who I am and how I work with clients.

I am by inclination and by training a left-brain thinker who believes in the profound power of the right brain. I spent twenty-five years in technology: teaching, researching and consulting. I earned a Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 1987 because I thought computers were absurdly hard to use and I wanted to be part of making them more accessible. My fascination with social technologies is ongoing. Since 1995, I have been a happy, successful solopreneur, and I am very committed to a strong work-life balance. I’ve enjoyed working with clients that include the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, the USDA Forest Service and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as independent professionals. Many of my current clients are entrepreneurs who benefit from my integrated style of combining business and personal coaching.

mb_certified_logo-100x100I place a high value on science, and I believe wholeheartedly in the wisdom of intuition. My decision to pursue coaching as a profession was the result of a recurring dream.  For six months, week after week, I dreamed that I had lost my computer. My beloved computer! This happened in various ways—it was stolen, lost, or destroyed, but the terrifying conclusion was always the same. I would wake up completely rattled by the thought that my data, my tools, and my power were gone. I came to realize that I had to expand my identity beyond computer geek. I researched coaching training programs and found the one that inspired me the most. I trained and certified with Martha Beck, famous for her many books and her regular column in O Magazine, and her team of master coaches.  The researched-based methodology I learned through that program is a spicy blend of science and intuition that works.

I found the intersection that fits me best. After years of being a web developer and internet strategy consultant, I realized that the essence of what interests me and reflects my personal strengths is branding. Leading people to discover and tell their own intense personal story in ways that draw clients to them is what I love. I created the ten-step process, Branding from the Inside Out, to make it easier for other entrepreneurs to claim their personal brand and find their authentic, natural marketing style. It can help you get clear, get noticed and get clients.

I am a realist, and I choose to live a joyous life. My friends will tell you that I am forever saying, “But the good thing is…” This is not because I am a chirping Pollyanna who puts on blinders before I get up each morning. Rather, I have a made a very conscious decision to value the lessons that life offers and to include the people, places, and passions that delight me. Some of those passions are eclectic. For instance, I am a published essayist and an award-winning knitting designer. Okay, that was just one 4th place in a sock design contest but it was a huge thrill for me. 🙂

I have had the extraordinary good fortune to work with brilliant, compassionate teachers. I have not always had this deep sense of connection and meaning; I understand from experience what lost and frustrated feel like. But nothing is more stimulating to me than the opportunity to learn something new and I embrace very diverse points of view. I also benefit deeply from a personal spiritual practice and my frequent involvement in the work of my Episcopal church.  It is here that I continue to discover what enriches my spirit and what makes my family life strong as I witness the extraordinary benefits of a healthy faith community.

These are just highlights, but I hope they offer you a sense of what it might be like to work with me, as partner and coach.  If my story resonates with you, please contact me and let’s begin the conversation.