How I Work

After people get to know me, the thing that I hear often is: “You have an unusual mix of left-brain and right-brain skills.”

In a nutshell, that is the power of what I bring to this work and I deeply love working with people who are also hybrids – or who want to be.

Applying research-based based methods, we will employ fresh, direct ways of approaching your challenges to hone in on what is most meaningful to you – and to your prospective clients. It may amaze you to see how quickly you gain clarity in this process and from clarity comes clear action.

Lots of people come to me because they need an online presence or are not happy with one they have and how it is performing. We will do the obvious things like assess your current presence, if you have one, but the distinct advantage of working with me is that you will gain a focused online strategy, create a plan for implementing it and feel less internal resistance to the process.  If you want ongoing support while you implement, I’ll be by your side.

Potential benefits:

  • Save thousands of dollars in false starts on web development
  • Create a natural and effective online presence that has a clear purpose and measurable results
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by multitude of online options
  • Learn how to maintain your presence directly
  • Enjoy running a flourishing business in a creative and profitable way

Why struggle through learning it all on your own when you can have the benefit of an experienced mentor and guide?

My technology background and experience as a coach and consultant uniquely qualifies me. There weren’t many people doing internet development and strategy work in 1995 when I started working online. That long-term perspective has given me both patience and vision. Since then, I have worked with clients from soloentrepreneurs to non-profits to federal agencies. Whether working with a non-profit for more than ten years or helping another coach for a few sessions, this work is deeply satisfying to me.

Focusing now on providing strategy, training and coaching, implementing web design and development is outside the scope of what I currently provide. I have wonderful relationships with creative and development professionals to whom I will happily refer you.

Personal Coaching
Working one-to-one is intense, fascinating and a rich learning experience. I work with a very limited number of individual clients at a time so that I can give them the highest level of attention. I will gladly recommend other coaches whose work I deeply respect, if you and I can’t work together at this time or if my schedule is not convenient for you. Many clients reach their goals within a few months but it’s completely individual.  Your privacy and confidentiality are assured.

One-on-one coaching by phone or Skype is scheduled Monday through Thursday, generally between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, Eastern Time.

My Guarantee: Make Progress or It’s Free
I believe in what I do and how I do it so strongly that I offer a one month money-back guarantee. If you follow up on our appointments as requested (and it won’t be too time consuming, I promise), then I will gladly refund your first month’s fee if you are not satisfied with what you are achieving.  I won’t make it complicated: I want you to have confidence and peace of mind in working toward your goals.

How to Proceed
Please e-mail me to start a conversation about one-on-one coaching.  The first step is to schedule a 30 minute no-fee call for us to learn more about each other.  Let’s get to know each other a bit, see if we are a fit, and proceed from there.

Want to know more about specific services?  Here are my services and rates.