Is This You?

You’ve probably already had a lot of success at work and life.  But now you’re ready for your next thing.  Your  “am I crazy for wanting to do this?” thing.

You might not even know exactly what it is yet but you believe that you’re ready to hatch something new and share it with the world.  It might be a business or a non-profit or a community project that is calling you.

Or you’ve felt a strong calling to something particular but shaping it and branding it still feels elusive.

You might even discover that you need new media skills like blogging and social networking to really make it happen. That’s the amplify part.

Last but not least, you want it to be fun and you want it to feel natural. And you want to succeed because you’re ready to work from your strengths.

None of this has to be overwhelming – quite the contrary. You might just need someone who has helped dozens before you to serve as a guide and an incisive companion who can help you create an action plan that fits your style and who will help you keep things moving during the normal bumps of launching something new.

That’s my superpower: guiding, mentoring, and coaching people to create meaningful work.  Oh, and I’ve got a boatload of tech and marketing skills to make amplifying less stressful, too.

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