Laurie Foley will show you how to leverage learning into the actions and accountability that will help you cook up your best year ever.



  • Ready to turn up the gas on growing your practice
  • Want to discover the power of agile planning
  • Need tools to develop and maintain a clear focus
  • Enjoy a supportive community that will help you learn fast
  • Want a turnkey planning program to offer your clients



  • QuickStart guide to help you jump in
  • PDF guidebook to lead you through your own self-paced personal retreat day
  • Two MP3 recordings of the virtual retreat (over 3 hours of material from the live retreat!)
  • Complete written transcript of both recordings
  • Templates of planning tools
  • Mind map of the virtual retreat
  • Facilitator’s guide for creating your own tools
  • And… my blessing to use these tools with your clients!

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I’m guaranteeing this for a full year. If you complete the retreat day and use the tools each month, I’m confident that you’ll see remarkable progress in your business, too, or I’ll refund your investment – even if that’s a year from now!

Hello Intrepid Coaches!

This is NOT one of those messages that says “you’re struggling, you’re not where you want to be, you need this magic pill…”

Those drive me crazy.

Why? Because I believe we’re all exactly where we need to be.

Sometimes, what’s happening affirms that we’re doing lots of things right. Sometimes where we are right now is exactly the motivation we need to make a change.

Your Instructor: Laurie FoleyI’m Laurie Foley and I have been working in online marketing and business development since 1995 – pretty dinosaurs roamed the internet.

My big thing these days is Branding from the Inside Out, where I have a process to help entrepreneurs discover their natural brand and find their own marketing style. I help entrepreneurs like you get clear, get noticed and get clients. I love what I do because I’m totally committed to seeing new and growing businesses like yours thrive.

I’m glad you’re here because I have some ideas that you can apply to move into the future with less anxiety, more creativity and, ultimately, a business that is aligned with your values for more success. I created a process that is part analysis and part planning.

I want to share three big ideas from it right away to help you make the coming year your best year ever. These ideas are all about my favorite topic: learning.

Here we go…

If I’ve learned anything as a coach, it’s Big Idea #1 –

  • Big Idea #1: Everything counts because everything is a chance to learn.

In my world, learning trumps all. If you want to deeply transform your relationship with fear – which is THE secret to growing your business – learn to see bloopers and failures as chances to learn instead of things that drag you down. Learning this for myself is the single biggest thing that has transformed my own business. Until I “got this”, I was paralyzed that someone might see me make a mistake and call me out on it, dooming me to an eternal downward spiral.

Now, one of my mottos is that I’d rather have remorse for things I’ve done than regret for things I haven’t. Unless you’ve given up completely, those feelings of “oh crap” and “yikes” are going to happen no matter what. We can’t prevent that. But we can learn from them – every single time. And that learning is the ultimate fuel for making the adjustments that will grow your business.

So why doesn’t everyone lean in to learning?

Because – and this is Big Idea #2 –

  • Big Idea #2: Learning isn’t automatic. You have to claim it.

In my mad scientist fantasies, I would marinate your brain with everything you need to know. Heck, I wish somebody would do that to me! Wouldn’t that make it easy to learn at lightening speed?

The best we can do for now though is to learn consciously. To claim what we need to know so that even though it feels like a maze sometimes, our progress is still moving in the upward direction.

So how do you start shifting your progress through claiming your learning?

It starts with claiming what you want – what you REALLY, really want. Is it a more successful practice? More clients? A more balanced life? What do YOU want? Really want? If you can answer that, I can show you how to unlock the learning around that.

So here it comes: Big Idea #3!

  • Big Idea #3: The key to unlocking the learning is that learning is a process.

I call this process the three Fs of learning.

And you thought learning was all about getting As!!

The first F is –


Let’s say that what you really, really want is to work with more clients. Let’s unlock the learning about how to land more clients. First focus on what you know about your current clients: Drop any judging thoughts and just gather the info about your current situation, because, remember you’re exactly where you need to. Who were your clients this year? How did they find you? What was your first point of contact with them? What kinds of problems do they have that you can help with? How did you feel working with them?

Next F is –


What kind of feedback are you getting from your efforts? What’s working, what’s not working? What do you want more of? Less of? Where are you experiencing gaps that are confusing?

Last F is –


How do you want to go forward based on the feedback that you have? Where can you lean in to what is working and where can you drop what isn’t? What actions will amplify what you desire?

The three Fs of Focus, Feedback and Forward are ultimately about choosing your next best action. Then, whether it’s a smooth time or a rough time, you can sail into action with much less fear and greater confidence that your efforts are going to be productive in terms of success, and yes, more learning!

So here’s what we know:

  • Everything that happens is a chance to learn.
  • Learning doesn’t happen automatically: you have to claim it.
  • To unlock the learning, break it down into the actionable steps of Focus, Feedback and Forward.

This is my go-to process that I use all the time in my own business, but especially for planning the year to come.

I did this personally last year and it rocked my business all year long.

Now, I’m excited to pass it along to you.

The Planning Kitchen Virtual Retreat

Do you want to put these ideas into practice for your own business?

How about something really awesome? How about being able to offer them to YOUR clients as well?

I’ve got an invitation for you: let’s claim the learning for you and your business. Give yourself the gift of focus. Just for your business. Just for you.

Wouldn’t it be fun if I could invite you to my house, make a big pot of tea, and we’d work on this one-on-one?

Well, I’ve got the next best thing.

I’m offering The Planning Kitchen, a virtual retreat day in which I’ll share my best tools with you to implement the three Fs with templates, worksheets, and processes.

Here’s the part I think you’ll love: I’ll even give you my blessing to use my tools with YOUR clients. You’ll have your own recipe box so that you can easily create something yummy for your clients, too.

In a surprisingly short amount of time you can apply these tools to one of the most vital parts of your business: creative and strategic planning for the whole next year.

The program offers you exactly what we did in the live retreat that I hosted. Start in the morning and spend an hour and a half together with the first recording, learning from the past year. Then take a break so that you can continue on your own with the guidebook and refresh. Then return to the retreat recording to learn how to apply what you discovered from your private explorations.

This retreat delivers. We’ll explore:

  • Three must-know questions to help you lead your business AND your life
  • Implementation Essentials: the five ingredients for accelerating your results
  • Two variations of my favorite planning tools – one for right-brainers and one for left-brainers
  • The process that will take you from from planning to profit

You’ll get all the supportive materials that you need to succeed, including:

  • Access to the virtual retreat recording via MP3 recording
  • A PDF guidebook filled with worksheets and examples for your retreat day
  • Complete transcripts of the recorded sessions

And I have bonuses to help you offer this to your clients!

  • Templates of the planning tools for your business OR for use with your clients
  • A mindmap outline of the retreat day
  • My full encourage for you to repeat this retreat with your clients or offer it as a higher-priced solo service

And one more – which might sound crazy…

    • You’ll get free updates and enrollment for life!

I’m not going to try to sell you this again next year or whenever I update this – next time I offer it, you’re automatically in because you’re signing up now at my lowest introductory price ever. You’ll get an invitation to participate and updates via email whenever they come out – no matter what the future price is!

So, are you ready to join me? Here’s the best part. This is super affordable…

Introductory price: $47

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Click the button. That will take you to the payment form where for $47 you’ll get the focus and the tools you need to rock your business all year long – or to create a similar kind of package for your own clients.

Last thing: I’m guaranteeing this for a full year. If you complete the retreat day and use the tools each month, I’m confident that you’ll see remarkable progress in your business, too, or I’ll refund your investment – even if that’s a year from now!

Got questions? Email me at coaching@lauriefoley.com and I’ll get back to you.

I’d love to have you join me for the Planning Kitchen. Let’s cook up your best year ever!

Planning Kitchen Cooks Are Saying…

“…works for both linear and creative minds alike!”

Melani Marx, Certified Live Coach & Advanced Energy Master

Melani Marx

This is agile planning at it’s best. The manifesto is worth the price of admission alone. Seriously! Chock full of easy ways to create clarity about what you want more of and how to ditch what you want less of. Then simple tools to plan and stay on track with a light touch. If you feel overwhelmed or like ripping your hair out when sit down to plan, or just plain can’t this is so, so good! It works for both linear and creative minds alike! I keep coming back and finding more and more that inspires me to play with intention and create what I really want for the year.


“Practical, fun, engaging, inspiring and wonderfully helpful…”

Judy Klipin, Master Life Coach and author of Life Lessons for the Adult Child

Judy Klipin

Laurie Foley’s Planning Kitchen was one of the best gifts I received last year. Practical, fun, engaging, inspiring and wonderfully helpful in assisting me to be self-directive, I loved every minute of the calls and the independent work time in between. It helped me to lay a solid foundation for my year ahead and gave me simple but powerful tools to help me build on that foundation. I am looking forward to 2012 in a way I have never looked forward to a new year before as a result of this Planning Kitchen and Laurie’s extreme generosity in getting me going. Thank you Laurie!


“Thanks again for your generosity, inspiration, and amazing teaching…”

Margie Beiswanger, Professional Development Coach & Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Margie Beiswanger

Thanks again for your generosity, inspiration, and amazing teaching on The Planning Kitchen. I just loved it. And you totally inspired me to adapt your work, combine it with my own tools and exercises, and create a free 2-part teleseminar for my clients. Woo-hoo!


“…combine the creative process and the logical process…”

Mary Ellen Telesha, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Mary Ellen Telesha

Laurie Foley’s Planning Kitchen is fun, informative, motivating and inspiring! Her information is fresh and stimulating, and she guided us with gentle support in that serene voice of hers. Providing us with exercises to spark both the creative right side of our brains and the logical left side, she showed us how to combine the creative process and the logical process needed to implement any plan. With the Planning Kitchen Guidebook in our hands, she led us through methods that helped define not just goals, but our ideas, our personal energy investments, where we are, where we want to go, and exactly how to implement our plans so we don’t drive ourselves crazy!

Not just a “how to” manual, we filled up our Planning Kitchen guidebook with her rich information and our own personal insights, ending up with a complete personalized process, from the nitty gritty spreadsheets to the one powerful question she had for us that busted right through resistance. I finished the Planning Kitchen filled with confidence, clarity and a new understanding of how to move ahead with anything!


“…exactly what I needed to get me out of my head…and into action mode.”

Laura English, Coach and Photographer

Laura English

The Planning Kitchen was exactly what I needed to get me out of my head about what I wanted for my year and to actually get it on paper and into action mode. It’s practical, it’s straight forward, it has tons of examples so you don’t feel as if you’re starting from scratch. This was the best investment I made for myself to get focused on what I want to build and bring into my life. I have, in the past, signed up for things and only half-heartedly done the work, with this, I’m motivated to follow through because I can see the value….AND I’ve already made much progress only 2 weeks in!


“Laurie is an alchemist and creates magical mind tools that lead to creative action…”

Mary Welty-Dapkus, Professional Intuitive and Certified Life Coach

Mary Welty-Dapkus

Laurie is an alchemist and creates magical mind tools that lead to creative action for her clients and her client’s clients. Now that is a powerful and practical way to “feed” a lot of people. And that is exactly what Laurie has created with The Planning Kitchen. It is a practical tool ‘cooked’ up to investigate and activate our best recipes for use in all aspects of our professional and personal lives. It is an approach that asks great questions and walks the participant step-by-step through the process, much like following a recipe.

The best part of this Kitchen is that you are adding your own unique ingredients. Now, Laurie adds the spice with just the right questions to serve up that next meal. I am not only a member of The Planning Kitchen but a current coaching client and I have been amazed at what I have served up in my business and to my clients in a few short months. Are you hungry? Get ready for some new recipes, inspired plans and a whole lot of ‘southern’ heat in this Kitchen.


“It’s amazing how tools like these can make such quick shifts…”

Dana Boyle LaPointe, Relationship Coach and Lawyer

Dana Boyle LaPointe


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Introductory price: $47

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Remember: I’m guaranteeing this for a full year. If you complete the retreat day and use the tools each month, I’m confident that you’ll see remarkable progress in your business, too, or I’ll refund your investment – even if that’s a year from now!

Got Questions?

Your Instructor: Laurie Foley

If you have any questions about the Planning Kitchen, just e-mail me: coaching@lauriefoley.com. Or call: 678-561-5605.

To your success,

Signed, Laurie

P. S. If you are ready to cook up your best year ever, click here. Participants’ results are wildly inspiring. I’d love to welcome you, too.