I am very grateful for the clients who have granted their permission to share these impressions.

I have worked with Laurie in both professional as well as personal areas of my life. She has been instrumental in helping me to see my strengths as well as my inhibitors. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a light bulb come on in my mind after a session with her. I have gained immeasurable insight into myself personally, which has enabled me to progress in all areas of my life.

An effective coach understands how to communicate in a way that gets results. Laurie has found her calling as a coach and is one of the most effective that I have ever worked with.

J.H., Business Analyst

When I came to Laurie for help with a career change, I felt overwhelmed by poorly articulated and seemingly contradictory ambitions and constraints. In Laurie’s gentle, non-judgmental, yet straightforward and direct way, she deconstructed the task for me – and started me out on my way. I’m not saying I know exactly what I’m doing now, but somehow, I feel I’m moving on the path of discovery. Because of Laurie’s coaching, I’m much more open to possibilities that I had previously closed off without realizing; I’m more aware of my own strengths and energized by this self-awareness; and I’m looking at the process in a much more optimistic way.

K.N., Public Health Researcher

Dear Laurie:

I was (seriously) ready to quit my job a couple of weeks ago. I figured, after speaking to you, I had nothing to lose by being open about the struggles I was having. Things are much better. Today, I’m enjoying myself. I’m slowly finding my way back, and it feels really good.

For me, the simplest solutions seem to be the hardest ones to find. I get this notion that I have to move to New Zealand, get a Masters Degree and become a vegan in order to be happy. I always make it so complicated and having you bring me back to Earth is so helpful. It tears the walls down and makes the goal attainable, after I’ve convinced myself it’s impossible. Our sessions are really helping me help myself.

D.M., Information Technology Analyst

Laurie Foley provides a spa for the tired brain as she helps people uncover new possibilities in their lives. Using coaching techniques that combine right and left brain expertise, Laurie helped me understand that I am at my best when my rational and intuitive intelligence converse with one another. This has been life transforming! Laurie coaches with the precision of an engineer, the curiousity of a sage and with a sense of humor that will keep you grounded and flying high at the same time. Wooo-hooooo!

M. C., Author & Psychologist

Laurie’s career-centric coaching helped me not only immediately, but has helped me refocus my entire approach to life overall. I’ve learned to look at situations that can keep me up at night to refocus that fear factor energy to something positive through a new thought process for the higher good. Life throws us lemons and I’m making lemonade.

A.B., Senior Global Marketer